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Yesterday I went to the fabric store. I love the fabric store. I could spend hours there. I did spend hours there.

I gave you a bit of a tease on my facebook page with this….

You see, because Valentine’s Day is well in the past I needed something to replace this….

I actually had planned on making this “replacement” before the heart garland, but for some odd reason was inspired to decorate, a little, for the “holiday”. So when the time came the vision had many weeks to brew.

I gathered my pieces of fabric and some twine and in a few short hours this beautiful Gypsy Garland was born.

I named it Gypsy Garland because of my present gypsy love. It’s colorful and whimsical. Fun and vibrant.

I simply love it. Feast your eyes…

Isn’t it lovely? I think I will make some felt owls to adorn it. And perhaps find some crystals or glass beads to hang from some of the branches.

My home has taken on this transformation with me. It was once a bit minimalistic with a classic feel of dark wood and clean lines. Now it’s taking on a bit of a whimsical feel with lots of texture and color. As my dreams come alive.

I plan to make another Gypsy Garland. One much larger with long pieces of fabric. It will adorn the trees as we dine al fresco. With lots of wine and laughs. With lanterns, masses of flowers and candles, and a great fire.

I can see the fabric billowing in the breeze. The twinkle of the candle flame. The fire flies dancing in the distance. I have been searching for years, but can’t seem to find fire flies for sale as you can purchase lady bugs and others. Good thing we have a great deal of our own. I can hear the crackle of the fire, the chink of glasses, the roar of laughter of friends gathered.

Oh, Summer, how I yearn for thee.

Have you made anything great lately?

Live Well!

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