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I love Friday mornings! Not quite as much as  I love Sunday mornings. But it’s love none the less.

On Friday morning I make a list … a small list… of all the things I will do with those two glorious days called the weekend.

Not a checklist or a giant to-do list. But a fun list. An I-have-waited-all-week-to kind of list. It propels me through those last few hours that always seem to drag. Those moments until the kids burst through the door chattering away about their day and the mister finally arrives home. I long for that moment. When knowing we all get to be together again and free. Free to play. Free to linger and chat. Free to eat and drink and laugh. Free to just sit. Ah, the weekend.

My Weekend List –

  • Print those gorgeous new labels
  • Make products to attach those gorgeous new labels to
  • Make tinted jars
  • Make Valentine inspired protein carrot cupcakes
  • Make infused vinegars
  • Watch a scary movie with my loves
  • Sip wine and stay up late
  • Take a walk in the woods before the Winter Warlock arrives
  • Visit the open house at The Herbal Path

I love my lists. They keep me organized and motivated. They help ensure I remain productive and sometimes keep me off Pinterest. They help keep my crazy creative right brain in check. I especially love this one. There’s no pressure. No real deadlines. I don’t even have to actually complete everything on the list if I don’t want to. But it helps me wake up Monday morning feeling satisfied. Feeling our precious time was sweet.

What’s on your Weekend List?

Live Well!

Can we talk about this photo for a second…

How amazing is that? I found it on Pinterest (go figure). I wish I knew the original source and the artist. I tried. Perhaps I didn’t try hard enough, but try I did. It just reminds me of heaven. Of slow weekends. Of love. I simply adore it. If you know the artist please do tell. I want this print for my wall. I want to fall asleep each night dreaming of this spot and wake each morning smiling from having seen it. Isn’t it just lovely?


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