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What’s with all the procrastination!!!!???!!!

I currently have 32 blog posts started… and unfinished. Thirty Two.

Some really good ones too….

Make Your Own Wool Felt Dryer Balls
Grow a Medicinal Herb Garden
For the Love of Coconut Oil
Homemade Fertilizers
Healthy Winter Skin
A Visit to the Market
Embrace the Mess – Hair, Braids and Headbands

You know what’s really frustrating? When you find tons of recent blog posts on the subject you started writing about months ago. Sigh…

I have this seemingly ongoing issue with starting things but not finishing them lately. (So much so that I started this post on January 31st… 29 days ago! )So, I decided to spend some time with the idea. What is it that creates this act of starting so much but not finishing all of it?

I decided to google it.
“Why do I start things and never finish them?”

And as with just about anything, there were “answers” on the internet. Hmmh. Now, trust me. I was not intending to find an end to my problem from google. But I was interested in reading the comments, ideas and stories from other people. And boy did I find some whoppers. Everything from your just lazy, seek professional help, there was a trauma in your life that needs to be addressed, to it happens to all of us, you’re afraid of failure… and my personal favorite – you are lacking vitamins.

There is a ton of talk of ADD, Social Anxiety and other mood disorders causing such things. And certainly there is great truth to this. Depression can reach in and snatch everything you have without you ever seeing it coming. As can traumatic life events.

Life. This is where most of my latest trouble lies. Things have been chaotic. There have lots of changes, unexpected events, unforseen and un-preventable craziness. But there is also the fact that I am a mother, wife, trainer, realtor, artist, writer, gardener and prehaps far too many other things to do them all well all the time.

I read this quote on one blog forum…

“My motivation works just like fireworks…
So beautiful, yet only lasts a few seconds.”

Does that resound with you the same it does with me? Every once in a while throughout my history I have found myself suffering weeks, perhaps months of these bursts and lulls. I make the lists, start writing the pieces, begin the projects and then the very next day, and many after can’t seem to drag myself back to them. Or I simply forget about them entirely.

What’s frustrating is that this is not my common way, but something that happens out of the blue. Leaving me knowing that this is not my habit, not how I generally perform. But seemingly unable to change it. Like waking to find you can see, you can hear, you can think, but you can’t move. You can’t speak. Trapped.

I have found a number of things that affect motivation, preclude procrastination and ensure a successful outcome. Here are a few of my favorites…

1. Be sure you want it. It’s easy to start things when they suddenly appear and seem entertaining. But by taking a moment to consciously decide you actually like and are fully enthused with what you are about to begin, you will be more apt to finish.

2. Have a plan. Treat your life a bit like you would a business. Sure you have goals, but do you have a plan to completion of that goal? Give each goal or project a timeline.

3. Be organized. Have a schedule. Prepare your days in advance. This keeps you on track, more focused and less apt to get to flustered and cause you to lose track.

Number 3 here is my favorite. Staying organized is a key factor for me when it comes to being successful. As we have discussed, I am very enthusiastic and motivated yet my gypsy ways have a tendency to distract me. Writing lists and having plans are essential when it comes to keeping me on track. I use a number of methods like a planner, reminders set on my phone, meal plans… and lists. Lists and more lists.

I found these planners I think you will love!!





All of these are FREE printables! Free. You can find lots more here and of course on Pinterest. You can find nearly everything you need on Pinterest and things you never knew you needed.

These are some of the things that… most often… help keep me from the dreaded procrastination.

What helps keep you focused and motivated?

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Live Well!


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Blogging Morph

Some have seasons. Some have decades. Some even have centuries. Consistency.

I always seem to have months. Mere weeks.

And blogging has been no different. I started this blog as a means of offering information to clients, friends and family. It was intended to be a health and wellness blog. But I have watched it morph into more of a lifestyle blog. It’s the direction I keep finding myself heading.

Blogging is a strange thing really. It’s not like freelance writing for a magazine or some other publication. Blogging is much more personal. There’s more feeling. There’s also more risk. You are putting yourself on a shelf for all the world to examine. Surely we only allow that which we want discovered to be shown, however, there is still very much a piece of you in every post.

I find the more personal a blog the more I keep coming back. But adding too much of me isn’t something I always believe readers want to see. Finding balance is a consistent struggle in many lives, including my own. So when I found myself writing more about my life and feelings, and enjoying the information based blogs much less I started to worry. I can write about things I’m not feeling as passionate about at the moment, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I am determined to enjoy more and suffer through less. We only live once, right?

I don’t know just where this will go. But I believe in taking your hands off the wheel and letting the Universe drive once in a while.

And that is just what I am going to do. Surely it won’t always be easy. I do like a little control.

I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you enjoy reading. Tell me that you wish for more of the information this started with. Your opinion is important to me. I am writing here to curb a longing for expression. When you are a writer there is an innate need of expression, but without readers it is far less rewarding.

There will also be a very new design coming soon! I am quite excited and working hard. There is so much going over here. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Let’s see where this takes us, shall we?

Live Well!

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Under Construction

CAUTION: Please stand back and watch for falling objects… or disappearing and reappearing objects.

You may have noticed some crazy things going on around here. Backgrounds. No background. Photos, color changes, pages… it’s all a-changing. Please bear with me while the construction ensues.

It’s a bit unorthodox perhaps, but I really find I need to see things there for a time before I can commit. Leave and go back and try to digest it all. I have so many ideas! So many roads I would like to take. But I must pick just one. It will be over soon friends. I promise.

And feel free to leave your comments! Let me know what you like, what you don’t.

Live Well!

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I am health conscious and worried over just how much time I have here.

I am earthy and crunchy, a little bit Bohemian, a little bit hippy, a little bit farmer.

I am part gypsy and part homebody. My husband is the only one who truly knows there are more than one person living in here.

I love coffee. And wine.

I wish I had room for a studio and could paint again. And not in the basement.

I use to ride horses everyday and miss it terribly.

I love to walk alone in the woods. Well, I really like spending time alone anywhere.

Sometimes I sit with my back against a tree for long stretches of time with no one around.

I dance around my house nearly everyday.

I dream big and love large.

After nearly 21 years I’m still madly in love with my husband.

I plan to sell it all, backpack Europe for a time and come back to start over. Buy a little farm.

I prefer a simple life.

I read every single day.

I am obsessed with the Outlander series. Diana Gabaldon is my hero. To write like that, if only.

I often read books more than once. I have read Under The Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany at least 8 times each. Every Spring waiting for Summer. Dreaming of Italy and gardens.

I truly enjoy meeting new people.

I like flowing skirts and wearing flowers in my hair.

I love playing in the dirt, hard work and sweating. And shoveling. I really like shoveling.

In a past life I’m sure I was a stone mason. And a large one, because I think I’m pretty big sometimes.

I really do eat as healthy as I write about, but I love french fries and pizza.

I wish my kids were little again. And I really don’t care if they don’t move out.

We were married on the Spring Equinox. My favorite time of year. When everything is emerging, fresh and new.

The wedding colors were teal and peach.

I’m a lot more sensitive than I like to let on.

Commercials and not so sad movies make me cry.

I’m thinking of changing this blog. A new name. A new focus. A little more of me, a little less mundane. But I’m worried.

I’m dreaming of Summer. Barefoot in the grass, fires under the stars. Always.

I’ve made big changes lately. Let things go. Conquered a few fears.

I’m happy.

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Ok, ok. They aren’t exactly secrets, but it sounded good.

Here are some of my thoughts on making good smoothies –

  • Soak seeds and nuts in water for a few hours or overnight to get a smooth consistency
  • Nut butters can add a boost of protein, healthy fats and cut some of that sweet flavor from protein powders
  • Freeze fruits in single servings or on a pan before putting in a bigger container. This saves on spoiled fruits and keeps them from clumping together in the freezer
  • Frozen fruits actually make a better smoothie!
  • Bananas! They even out the flavor and help keep everything from separating
  • When adding vegetables to your smoothies for the first time consider milder options like spinach over kale. I love kale but it is a bit stronger. Ease into it, especially if you prefer things sweet
  • By layering your ingredients you can achieve a better consistency. Start with ice (if you are using any), then fruit, protein powder and leafy greens, next juice and finally dairy (if using any). Blend in between each – if there is time that is
  • Start by blending on high until things are moving well, then switch to liquefy to make it really smooth
  • When you think you have blended enough, blend for another minute. This helps avoid those gross-I-can’t-drink-this chunky disasters after you have left home
  • Taste test! Often times you need a spoon to mix things around a bit and get those pesky chunks off the side. Use it to taste your recipe rather than just trusting it and heading out… only to find you must choke it down because it tastes like mud
  • Opt for nut milks like almond milk or coconut milk to cut fat and calories
  • Smoothies always taste better through a straw. I don’t know why, they just do! Invest in a good plastic cup with a cap and straw

Blend and blend some more

smoothies, freeze bananas

Freeze extra fruit

Smoothies are an excellent healthy on-the-go breakfast or snack!




Happy blending!

Do you have any smoothie secrets to share?

Live Well!

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Look what the mister brought home!

Just for me!
A new raised bed.

Well, crate that onced housed a giant heating unit. Half of it. The other half disappeared before before it could be loaded. I nearly had two….. But it WILL be a raised bed. Once this dreadful winter is over. The very moment the snow melts. Before the ground can even be turned.

My head is spinning. Where shall it go? What shall live here?

Shall I stain it? Allow it to weather beautifully on it’s own as the others have?

Face it with stone? Paint it for a little extra garden color? A blue green white wash?

Oh, the possibilities. Please, darling Spring. Please hurry.

Is there anything better than recycling AND gardening at once?

Live Well!

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I love Friday mornings! Not quite as much as  I love Sunday mornings. But it’s love none the less.

On Friday morning I make a list … a small list… of all the things I will do with those two glorious days called the weekend.

Not a checklist or a giant to-do list. But a fun list. An I-have-waited-all-week-to kind of list. It propels me through those last few hours that always seem to drag. Those moments until the kids burst through the door chattering away about their day and the mister finally arrives home. I long for that moment. When knowing we all get to be together again and free. Free to play. Free to linger and chat. Free to eat and drink and laugh. Free to just sit. Ah, the weekend.

My Weekend List –

  • Print those gorgeous new labels
  • Make products to attach those gorgeous new labels to
  • Make tinted jars
  • Make Valentine inspired protein carrot cupcakes
  • Make infused vinegars
  • Watch a scary movie with my loves
  • Sip wine and stay up late
  • Take a walk in the woods before the Winter Warlock arrives
  • Visit the open house at The Herbal Path

I love my lists. They keep me organized and motivated. They help ensure I remain productive and sometimes keep me off Pinterest. They help keep my crazy creative right brain in check. I especially love this one. There’s no pressure. No real deadlines. I don’t even have to actually complete everything on the list if I don’t want to. But it helps me wake up Monday morning feeling satisfied. Feeling our precious time was sweet.

What’s on your Weekend List?

Live Well!

Can we talk about this photo for a second…

How amazing is that? I found it on Pinterest (go figure). I wish I knew the original source and the artist. I tried. Perhaps I didn’t try hard enough, but try I did. It just reminds me of heaven. Of slow weekends. Of love. I simply adore it. If you know the artist please do tell. I want this print for my wall. I want to fall asleep each night dreaming of this spot and wake each morning smiling from having seen it. Isn’t it just lovely?

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