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Oh my! I just created this and couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

I was at the market picking up haddock for dinner when the salmon caught my eye. I had no idea just how I would prepare it, but had to have some for lunch. So I ordered a sliver and home I went.

I whipped this up in under 10 minutes! It cost only a couple of dollars, but was more satisfying than most of the lunches I have purchased at great restaurants.

Salmon with Spinach and Salsa

Spinach – 2-3 handfuls per serving
Salsa – 2-3 T per serving
ground ginger – 1/4 t per serving
Onion powder – 1/8 t per serving
Curry powder – 1/8 t per serving
Sea salt – pinch
Pepper – pinch
Lemon – a squeeze per serving
Olive oil – 1 T
1 t sesame or ground flax seed

Heat cast iron skillet over medium heat. Season salmon with dried seasonings. Squeeze a bit of lemon over salmon. Add oil to pan and sear salmon 2 minutes per side. Remove to a plate. Add spinach to the pan and toss until slightly wilted. Add salsa until just warm through. Add to plate and sprinkle with seeds.


  • Be sure to grind the seed when using flax. They are better digested and you get the most effect.
  • I keep home-made salsa in the fridge. Be sure you are using a clean, sugar-free, preservative free recipe.
  • Depending on your training/diet plan you may need some carbs with this. Add some brown rice or quinoa. Drizzled with a bit of low sodium soy sauce. Yum!
  • The serving of fish cost me $2 ($7.99 per pound). With the spinach and salsa I think this was under $4 for the serving.
  • If you don’t care for the “fishiness” of salmon try this one! The herbs and salsa really cut that.
  • Be sure you are buying wild caught fish. Always.
  • Did I mention I made it in under 10 minutes? Gathering and returning the supplies. Quick. Easy.

Let me know what you think!

Live Well!

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