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You heard right.

Whole Living With Stephanie is currently searching for Guest Bloggers! AND small companies interested in sharing their wears, plus a little about themselves and their business.

The BRAND NEW site will be up and running soon and so many new things are coming our way.
(…including a new name! sshhh.)

Do you have a blog you want to promote? Are you a budding writer? Do you have a product you love or create that you would like to get in front of hundreds of people a day?

Well, here’s your chance. Just send me an email with some details of your work. I will have a limited amount of space and do ask that all be of the same mindset we share here – green, handmade, natural lifestyles, great writing, wellness, holistic ideas… the options are truly endless. Jewelry makers, crafters, artisans or even just those who welcome the chance to share a favorite recipe, home make-over or thrifting find. You can promote your blog or not be a blogger at all. Have a local book club you would like to promote? How about a design company looking to expand?

You don’t have to be a writer so don’t fear. There will be interview options and articles written for those who prefer.

Let’s share what we do!

Live Well!


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Are you ready for another installment of Blog Love?

Here are a few more blogs I would like to share with you. I hope you enjoy them.

Primitive and Proper

Cassie is a wife, mother, decorator and blogger who sells her fabulously refinished furniture. She has an incredible knack for seeing beyond the dings and dents and chipped paint and creates some gorgeous pieces. All on budget. She also shares her finds that other bloggers have created. Go see for yourself.

I just stumbled upon The Shine Project and am fully amazed at the beauty there. Ashley’s intent is to inspire and help change lives. Beautiful! She also has created The Shine Scholarship Project, a nonprofit, to improve the lives of at-risk teens. I am inspired to get involved!

Kara’s Party Ideas. One word. Amazing. I love to throw a party and have been to some fabulous one’s, but nothing as sweet as these. (Sorry friends) The ideas here are endless. Go see!

There you have it. Even more blog goodness! I hope you enjoy.

Do you have a favorite blog?

Live Well!

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Can we just talk about blog design for moment.

How fun, yet frustrating. First, as I mentioned, I have been working on redesigning the blog and layout. It’s taken a little longer than planned for a number of reasons. Blah blah blah. Life gets in the way. Blah blah blah. Excuses excuses excuses.

Now, let me tell you a story.
The other morning I’m browsing some of favorite blogs. If you aren’t a blogger you might not be aware that there is this thing called a blog link up. It goes by various names depending on the blogger hosting it. Anyway, it’s a means of helping other bloggers get theirs in front of new people. Often it must be a post of like topic, what have you. Regardless, that’s not what’s important here. As I was browsing one of these link ups, I stumbled upon a blog…. with a layout so close to the one I have been working on it gave me deja vu. Seriously? The background is the same. So much for freebies. The tiles and buttons are so close to the ones I have been making, I’m afraid to use them. So much for paying for photos.

I mean, she must be super cool. She has great style. But now what? I have to go back to the drawing board. I can’t just continue on in this fashion. I can’t have a design that looks like I ripped off someone elses. I must tell you, it does make me want to stay away from other blogs. At least until this design project is over. O.V.E.R.

But it brings up another topic. Photos for free or for sale. Stock photos. It just doesn’t work. I knew it going into this, but let’s face it, sometimes I go against my better judgement. Sometimes. This has been one of them.

I decided to design it myself for a few reasons. One, because I love to save a buck. I mean, who doesn’t, but for me it’s like a job. Or a challenge. But now I’m reconsidering. I love the creativity, but I do tend to get to emotionally attached. It CAN be changed, Stephanie. Really. And it doesn’t have to be perfect out of the gate. …these are the arguments I have with myself.

So I ask you, if you have a blog, who designed it?

Did you have any troubles in the process? Did you find others that looked similar? Did you love every bit of it?

As a reader, what do you love about blog layouts?

Is the lighter or white background easier to read, as the studies show? Do you care that much about what it looks like or is it just the content that’s important to you? Do you prefer the personal side with photos of the blogger?

For those of you with blogs, I want to share something with you!!!



Melissa Culbertson is a mother, marketer and owner of Momcomm. Here she gives advice on writing, blogging and social media. AND every Wednesday she critiques someones blog! Whether you are hoping for her critique or just looking for some great ideas, you must check her out. There is a wealth of knowledge given on this site. Enjoy!

Sshhh….once I get this finished I am going to try to get her advice. Eeek.

For those of you wondering where this new design I have talking about is, have patience. I’m working on it!

Live Well!

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As much as I love having my own blog, I love reading others!

There is much to be learned from blogs, much to be shared. Entertainment, a sense of community.

I thought I would share with you some that I frequent. These are not necesarily my favorites and certainly not even close to all of them. These are some that I enjoy, and think you will too.

Casey Wiegand 

Casey is a young wife and mother of two blonde babies and one on the way. She is an artist living in Texas. She is spiritual and creative and super cute. And she wears headbands and braids in her hair like me =] Check her out here.

Meridian Road

Meridian Road

Meridian Road is written by Suzanne from Idaho. It is filled with gloriously old and repurposed items. She is amazing at transforming the old or ordinary into something beautiful and well displayed. Check her out here.

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine and her cohorts have put together a wealth of information on saving and managing money. And they do so on a daily basis. This blog is filled with coupons every single day. Crystal has also written many wonderful pieces on finance. Check her out here. And be sure to follow her on facebook so you get those regular gems!

I hope you enjoy these. I will offer some others soon. There are so many to share!

Do you have any favorite blogs?

Live Well!

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