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Yes, I said it!

Nutella Popcorn!

We don’t do a lot of junk food or sweets in this house. I’m that mom. But we aren’t so strict that we don’t ever live either. We are just a bit more choosy as to what we consider a great treat. And boy, this one was a hit.

My family loves popcorn. I remember my grandmothers old air popper. Every Saturday night my aunt and I would pop a huge bowl and sit down for a horror movie marathon. My poor grandmother would hide in the other room. She didn’t appreciate the 80’s gore as we did. At all.

Oh, but the popcorn. Everyone enjoyed the popcorn. Still do. No one as much as my kids and the Mister I think though. Especially the Mister. The guy eats it every chance he gets. And he has been hinting around… ok, harassing me for some chocolate popcorn. So I thought I would take it up a notch!

Nutella Popcorn

It’s perfect.

Nutella Popcorn

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Lightly oil 10×15 pan with sides.

1/2c corn kernels
2T olive oil

In a large pot combine and toss. Place over medium heat until the first kernel pops. Remove from heat for 1 minute then replace and shake until all the kernels have popped.

You could use a fancy air popper for this, but I never found I really needed one. Just one more thing to try to fit in my kitchen. Plus, this is just fun. Well, until you burn the popcorn. Not much smells worse than or lingers longer than the scent of burned popcorn.

3T Nutella
3T Honey
3T Butter (yes, butter. I suppose you could find an alternative but, eh.)

Heat in a small sauce pan until melted. Be careful not to heat to high or too fast. The Nutella will burn and clump.

Place half the popcorn in the oiled pan. Drizzle with half the Nutella mixture and toss gently. Add the remainder and repeat. Place in the oven. Toss every 15 minutes or so for 30 minutes. You can cool in the pan or on wax paper – spreading the popcorn in a single layer if you don’t want any clumps. I didn’t and didn’t get clumps, but didn’t use a lot of topping for either.

This makes a medium to lightly coated popcorn. If you like lots of flavor I would add one more tablespoon of each for the topping.

Store in an air tight container and Enjoy!

Live Well!

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