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Everything is moving along perfectly. Momentum is building. Life is good. You are great!

When all of a sudden comes a blow, so hard, so unexpected. So debilitating you find yourself flat on your face. The wind knocked out of you. You are rocked and you can’t find the top from the bottom.

Life has a way of throwing a mean left hook. We never see them coming. Can’t fathom any reason in them. Try as we might, can’t determine any meaning in them. They say we are only dealt what we can handle. But you aren’t so sure.

Some turn to their Faith. Some ask their God for guidance. Not all have such Faith, for how can they? Some lose it entirely. Many never had it to begin with.

When your world is seemingly falling apart, has crashed and burned, the last thing you care about is your health. To hell with the gym and salads!

I find myself wanting to run. Not on a treadmill. I want to strap on my sneakers, go to the woods and run. Run until my chest heaves and burns. Run from the demons chasing me. Run from unjust. Run from life. Just run.

Until I simply can’t take another step. Then, well, then I crawl home, bolt the door behind me and shut out the world for a time.

Slowly, you find yourself burying deeper into a tight-fitting hole. It’s been days and you haven’t seen daylight. It’s cold in there so you sink a little further.

living healthy, fight back, natural living, whole livingBut there comes a day when you must poke your head out. Must pull yourself together. Must take on those demons and that crazy mixed up world around you. For in that hole you are no one.

Taking back your life by taking back your body and your health, both physically and emotionally, is freeing. You have control over you. When it seems no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you fight, you can’t control all those things coming at you, you do have control over something. You.

There is power in you. Untapped. There always is. Even when you think you have drained your last drop. It’s there. You just have to get to it. Dig deep. Grow strong and determined to fight. To send those demons back to hell where they belong.

One solid step at a time. Condition your mind and body and the rest will follow.

Prize fighters often come from pain, anger, poverty, abuse. They harness that unjust. Turn it into power. Their bodies become their tool. Their strength. They condition it and their mind to fight back.

Taking care of your body, fueling it properly, conditioning it, will bring you strength and power. As your body grows strong so does your mind. Getting in the gym, hitting a heavy bag, weight training,  body weight exercises, eating good foods, meditating, yoga, all these help pull you from that hole, give you power over your demons.

Take back your life.


Live Well!

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