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This morning I posted Giving Back where I spoke of grace and gratefulness.

I had no idea I would stumble upon the Surviving Your Serengeti quiz this afternoon. Nor did I have any idea of the outcome.

I read this book about 2 years ago. Then I was in the midst of a real estate career that didn’t make me happy. Moving from one place to another, kind of fighting a shift from one era to the next. My life has been full of eras, cycles. I seem grow in stages that tend to shift very rapidly. I don’t always see them coming. I don’t always move through them gracefully.

This one was no different. Although I can look back now and see all the signs, at the time I fought it some. But grace has been a very large focus in this particular era I am in currently. Call it surrender, call it wisdom, call it what you like.

Imagine my surprise when the result of this quiz left me with The Giraffe.


The giraffe symbolizes the broad meaning of the word “grace”. While some see grace in human terms as one’s elegance or charm, for others it’s divine in origin and represents that indispensable gift for the development, improvement and expansion of one’s character and the ability to rise above the negative events of time.

I wanted to share this experience with you because it raises this question I toy with often. This belief that seems to prove true over and over. Even when my “logical”, naysayer side denies it.

I have these moments often… Do you get them? When you are driving down the road and a thought pops into your head, and then a car passes you with a bumper sticker or word on the license plate that matches your thought? Or I’m thinking of a time gone by and a song will come on the radio that relates.

Since I was a girl I have been drawn to, followed by hawks. I can be traveling, think of a hawk and look to the trees and see one within minutes. When I have friends who say they never see them at all.

Is it simply association? Coincidence? Or does the Universe truly send us these little signals?

When I took that quiz 2 years ago I was a Crocodile. Perhaps because I wanted to be a Crocodile. Or because I thought I must be to succeed in the place I was in.

I don’t know if the Universe just sent me a little signal ensuring me that this path I’m on is the right one, but I’m going with it. Because one of my first thoughts this morning, shortly before writing that post on grace and happiness, where I mentioned wondering if this was all worth it, was this… I just want to know that this thing I’m doing means something.

I have a lot of people in my life who don’t believe in such things, and I have to admit that sometimes that rubs off on me. I’m guessing I’m not alone. Whether it be our spiritual beliefs, our ethical beliefs or our goals and methods of losing weight and becoming healthier, there will always be someone or something there to fight it. There will always be reasons to doubt ourselves. There will always be roadblocks trying to stop us.

Sometimes you just have to trust.

Live Well!

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